Support Obligations

You can reach the scope of technical support to be provided by our company.

hostixo provides technical support service during working hours in terms of the necessity and continuity of the services provided. Normal technical support team between 09:00 and 18:00 on weekdays and between 10:00 and 17:00 on weekends, technical support team on duty provides assistance during the period outside of these hours. The technical support service we provide is offered subject to conditions. These conditions are as follows.

web hosting and reseller hosting services

Reseller hosting service only provides support to our customers. Customers of our reseller hosting customers cannot request technical support. Our reseller hosting customers have to provide technical support to their customers. Our company does not provide support to our customers.

If the customer of our reseller hosting customer contacts us to get technical support, we will guide by informing who and how they can get technical support service.

Support requests for technical support through our website can only be sent by our reseller hosting customer and are taken into account by us.

Our company does not provide technical support for software problems on websites.

Although response processes for support tickets are carried out according to transaction density and priority, there is no guarantee period for response.

As technical support processes require time and investigation, no guarantee is provided for providing support over the phone. Technical support is primarily provided through the support ticket.

The installation of frequently used cms software such as wordpress can be done by softaculous, but theme installation, plugin installation and related settings must be done by our customers.

E-mail account setup on all devices is the responsibility of our customers. We can help you with the correct settings for this installation and how to do it by forwarding the article to our customer.

cloud, virtual vds and dedicated server services

Technical support coverage in vps, vds, cloud and physical server services; It includes the initial setup of the service, making it ready for use, moving the sites, and pre-delivery settings of the server.

The technical support process after the delivery is carried out based on goodwill.
Services, software, special configurations and add-ons within the server are the responsibility of our customers.
If the server management process will be done by us, support service should be purchased.

other terms and information

hostixo technical support personnel can contact over the phone if necessary, within the scope of kvkk, in case of disagreement over the support ticket.

hostixo technical support staff, support request or over the phone insults, swearing, loud communication, etc. In such cases, it has the right to close the support request or end the phone call. Besides, it has the right to permanently stop the support service.


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