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By transferring your domain name from a different company to Hostixo at the most affordable prices, you Take the first step for the project now.
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Domain Name Transfer - Domain Transfer

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$11.99 /yr ₺390.60 /yr
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$15.99 /yr ₺520.91 /yr
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$15.99 /yr ₺520.91 /yr
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$13.57 /yr ₺442.07 /yr
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Advanced Domain Properties

Domain names we provide for you, our valued customers, at competitive prices. most basic features.

Instant Activation

When you shop with a credit card, the domain names in your order become active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Custom NS Service

You can define multiple Private Name Servers (NS) for your Domain Names and update the IP Address instantly.
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Free Whois Hide

With Whois hiding, all your information is safe. You can hide or activate your information at any time.
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Your Domain is Safe!

With our advanced infrastructure, you can safely register, transfer and renew all your domain names, You can have our high quality services at more economical conditions than our competitors.
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Your Ideas are in the Foreground

With the domain name you choose, you can take a more successful step into the internet environment. your opinion or You can be more successful with your domain name to reach your brand to millions of people.

With Hostixo, you can use a domain name that expresses your project, idea or you with many extensions. together, you can query instantly and record in seconds. So you can easily and you can reach your target audience faster.

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Best Price Guarantee

There is no room for high pricing and surprise additional fees when renewing your domain name at Hostixo. At the time of renewal of the domain names you have registered with our Domain Name Campaigns, You can renew our list prices.

We do not make any restrictions while managing your domain name. We leave all the management under your control.

Moreover, you can publish your website instantly with our affordable hosting packages. you can enjoy right away.

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domain transfer
domain transfer

Dozens of Different Extensions

We provide our customers with the most preferred extensions such as .com, .net and .org, as well as more than 50 We serve with different domain extensions.

In this way, if the domain name you want to choose for your new project is full, you don't have to worry. There's no need. One of the dozens of other extensions is definitely an alternative solution for you. will mean.

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com $16.99 ₺553.48 /yr $11.99 ₺390.60 /yr
net $20.99 ₺683.79 /yr $15.99 ₺520.91 /yr
org $20.99 ₺683.79 /yr $15.99 ₺520.91 /yr
comtr $14 ₺456.08 /yr $4.00 ₺130.31 /yr
Domain Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have about our Domain Name Transfer service
What is domain name (domain) transfer?
Domain transfer is the process of moving your domain name from your current company to a different company. In this process, your domain name registration changes. In addition, it can be done in internal transfer. It is possible to transfer to different users in the same company. When the Domain Name transfer process is completed, the duration of your Domain Name is automatically extended for 1 year.
What is the transfer code ( EPP Code ) ?
The transfer code is required to move the domain name. You can get this code from your old domain name company. You can start the transport process by entering your transfer code on the order screen.
How many days does the domain transfer take?
Domain Name transfer processes are completed within 7 to 10 days for generic (.COM , .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .BİZ , .TV) extensions. This process is a standard process set by ICANN. This process covers the period when the transfer process started.
What are the domain transfer conditions?
At least 60 days must have passed after the registration of your domain name at your previous company, and there must be more than 1 month before your domain name expires. (This period is not mandatory.) With these two terms, you can transfer your domain name. Please check the accuracy of this requirement with the Whois query. Not having any debts to the previous registered company Administrative authorized mail is in working condition The person requesting the transfer is the real owner of the domain name to be transferred. The status of the domain name is active. (no waiting, no deletion states, and no domain locked) Transmission of the domain transfer code. This password must be requested from the old registrar or obtained from their control panel.
It's almost time for my domain name to expire, will it be transferred?
Domain Name transfers can take between 7 and 10 days. Therefore, we recommend that you start the transfer process 15 days before.
How much is the domain name transfer fee?
Domain name transfer transactions include a 1-year domain name renewal process. When you transfer your domain name to Hostixo, your domain name will be extended for 1 year and this process will be charged.
What will be the current duration when I transfer a domain?
When you transfer your domain name to Hostixo, it is transferred by adding 1 more year to the remaining time in your old company. Your remaining time will not burn or decrease.
Can I access my site during the transfer?
Access to your site is not interrupted during the domain name transfer. Only your domain name company changes.
Can I update NS or Whois during the transfer?
During the domain name transfer, technical operations such as NS update and whois update are not performed. Therefore, we recommend that you perform the pre-transfer procedures.
Can I transfer my domain name to another in-house account?
You can instantly transfer your domain name within our company free of charge.
How do I know that the domain has been transferred?
When your transfer process is completed or there is a development regarding this process, we share detailed information with you. We send you information via email and sms.
How can I access the Domain Transfer Code?
You can easily access the domain name transfer code for your domain name in our company by logging into the Domain Management section from your customer panel. For your domain name in a different company, you need to access your previous company's control panel. If there is no such field, we recommend that you contact the company.
What is ICANN?
ICANN Corporation is the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, in Turkish meaning Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a non-profit organization that works on domains all over the world. ICANN, which distributes and controls the use of top-level domains (.com, .info, etc.), does not deal with problems such as spam or stolen content. ICANN is more concerned with the technical problems of the internet.
Can the transfer process be cancelled?
After the transfer process is started, it can be canceled within 24 hours. Unfortunately, it cannot be canceled outside of this period.

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Terms of Service and Use

User Agreement for all our packages and With General Terms of Use together with the following terms of use apply.

    Arranging the publications on the internet no.
  • 5651 and fighting the crimes committed through these publications Domains that do not comply with the law are not registered / transferred.
  • Domain Registration / Renewal / Transfer operations are irreversible operations. Fees cannot be refunded.
  • Hostixo reserves the right to make changes in the campaigns.
  • Domain name may be suspended in case the personal information requested in the registration process is missing.

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