Hosting Service Agreement

Hostixo Internet Bil. Write. Speed. Trade and Industry Limited Company Hosting Service Agreement. Every customer registered in the system is deemed to have accepted this agreement.

1. Parties
hosting services contract, ömer halisdemir university campus technopark building floor : hostixo bilisim operating at 2 no : 216 nigde limited company . (hereinafter as will understand. ) website real person or person who buys products and services through the address legal entity (hereinafter referred to as customer) The terms and conditions given below are accepted.

2. Contract start date and duration
2.1 you confirm this agreement electronically, You have read and accepted all the terms in the contract. and it means you agree.
2.2 both sides All disputes that may arise between will be resolved within the framework of the explanations given. In the event that customer violates the specified terms may seize related accounts or provide services. can be suspended indefinitely.
2.3 this contract Between and customer, It takes effect after customer's approval. This agreement is signed by to customer Rules regarding the hosting services provided or to be provided, general service covers the terms.

3. Definitions
3.1 service, websites or services provided by customer database on servers infrastructured by is published. customer reseller hosting, web hosting or database services independently or together. When the customer purchases these services, all conditions are deemed to be accepted.
3.2 provides the relevant service in accordance with the terms of the contract. responsible for giving it in the best possible way. Base customer that there may be problems in accessing services in such cases. accepts. Problems that may cause disruption of the service are given below.

  • force majeure (natural disasters, war etc.)
  • hardware failures
  • interruptions that may occur during maintenance
  • interruptions on internet lines, during malicious attacks interruptions to occur

3.3 customer, accepts that there may be problems with the services provided by .
3.4, Ensuring continuity in the services provided to the customer will make the utmost effort to do so.
3.5, stop and review at sagladg services can do.
3.6 ssl certificates for a specific domain and service It is used together with (products such as hosting, server, e-mail). SSL service sold by or a different company It only works depending on a certain domain and service and is specially designed. It is possible to transfer SSL to another company or service. may not be.
customer's SSL if you are connected to a website on servers keeping the private key of the certificate on its own, must backup. client in the process of moving to another server cannot request private key from This transaction It is done with the private key backed up by the customer. Migrating the SSL certificate is responsible for technical problems that may occur in case of cannot be held.
3.7 within the scope of reseller hosting service sells to customer to 3rd parties gives the right.
customer under reseller hosting service It is responsible for the support requests requested by the 3rd parties for the services it provides. technical support to customer only provides the service. customer in the reseller hosting package responsible for the content. In case of any legal review, the requested contact information or forensic log records to authorities or law enforcement.

3.8 Domain names in the domain name gift campaign given in some packages It is defined at the time of order. It is not given later. Gift domain service Although it covers the first year of its term, it is in the price list during the renewal process. The renewal price listed is applied.

3.9 free leash operation by density performed and no data guarantee is provided. high size leash Additional service charges may be requested.

3.10 unlimited definitions, access problem in instantaneous densities It has been created in order not to experience it, and the use of 5gb and above is subject to the controls. it is natural.

3.10 email quotas are 250 mb in imap format. is limited. Enterprise packages are not included.

3.11 field to provide free ssl certificate The name should be forwarded to our company ns address.

3.12free SSL for domain name or any other reason Our company does not accept responsibility in case of failure. hostixo It does not offer free ssl guarantee.

3.13free of charge services hostixo does not accept responsibility.

3.14 from a free backup Although there is no data guarantee in the return service, once a month Free returns can be requested. Additional service for more demand fee may be requested.

3.15 free backup service does not cover sites with data over 5GB.

3.16 available for free ssl The certificate is automatically renewed with 3-month processes. Renewal guarantee not offered. Its monitoring and control is the responsibility of the customer.

3.17 server in reseller packages Allow hosting of resource-consuming sites, such as high-disk not streaming is not provided.

3.18 testing in reseller packages or in case of high resource consumption of demo-purpose software, information is provided to the user. may be requested to be removed.


4. customer's obligations
4.1. customer,'s commercial reputation and may not engage in behaviors and shares intended to harm their dignity. This in case such attempts are detected. com has the right to terminate the contract.
4.2. customer, by accepting this contract, Content contrary to the bylaws, regulations, public morals and morals agrees not to publish. customer self or subordinate is responsible for the content of its customers. in different cases hostix. Com services may be suspended or completely removed from their systems. can delete. In cases contrary to such contract provisions, the fee refund is not available.


hosting and reseller hosting services, they offer inconsistent content;

  • Using a crontab (scheduled task) less than 15 mins
  • toplist sites
  • irc scripts, bots
  • proxy scripts/anonymizers
  • piracy/warez
  • image hosting scripts (like photobucket or tinypic)
  • autosurf/ptc/pts/ppc sites
  • ip scanners
  • bruteforce programs/scripts/applications
  • mail bombers/spam scripts
  • banner-name services (commercial banner name cycle)
  • dump files/mirror scripts (similar to rapidshare)
  • commercial audio broadcast (more than one or two broadcasts)
  • escrow account/bank bonds
  • investment sites (forex, e-gold stock market, second life/linden stock market, ponzi, mlm/ponzi scheme)
  • subject to sales authorization without prior proof of existence of required permission(s) sats
  • Programs of market-setting banks
  • sweepstakes/gambling sites
  • Sites with artificial traffic
  • mud's/rpg's/pbbg's
  • hacker-focused sites/archives/programs
  • Sites promoting Yasads activities
  • warez/piracy/yasads content mountain or forums linking to them, or websites
  • scam sites (listed at and also included)
  • mailer pro
  • All kinds of live sports events (ufc, nascar, fifa, nfl, mlb, nba, wwe, wwf etc.) publication
  • Pin to pin systems used for Pinterest
  • social media monitoring automations

b) contains content that cannot be hosted on physical or virtual servers;

  • ircd (irc servers)
  • irc scripts/bots
  • piracy/warez
  • ip scanners
  • bruteforce programs/scripts/applications
  • mail bombers/spam scripts
  • escrow account
  • investment sites (forex, e-gold stock market, second life/linden stock market, ponzi, mlm/ponzi scheme)
  • subject to sales authorization without prior proof of existence of required permission(s) sats
  • sweepstakes/gambling sites
  • hacker-focused sites/archives/programs
  • Sites promoting Yasads activities
  • warez/piracy/yasads content mountain or forums linking to them, or websites
  • scam sites (listed at and also included)
  • mailer pro
  • live sports events (ufc, nascar, fifa, nfl, mlb, nba, wwe, wwfi, league tv, super league, ptt 1st league, bein sports, laliga etc. ) all kinds of publications

even if it is not mentioned in the written lists, it is illegal and known as a crime. activities are prohibited. Otherwise, reserves the right to terminate the contract.

4.3. Source usage
4.3.1 100% of the resources of the system used for service and It cannot be used for more than 180 seconds or more. Consistent 100% usage sites are limited to a low-level processor limit.
4.3.2 100,000 (hundred thousand) unlimited hosting packages 200 thousand inodes in limited packages (number of files and folders in total).
4.3.3 web Content unrelated to the website, excluding the content of the website cannot be held.
4.3.4 under picture, video, music gallery Personal content cannot be stored.
4.3.5 all kinds It cannot be used for archival purposes for content.
4.3.6 Files intended for sharing cannot be hosted (with extensions such as zip, rar, etc.). files)
4.3.7 database service remote server cannot be used as
4.3.8 250 e-mails per hour limited to

4.4 bandwidth usage
Bandwidth that customer can use monthly Even if it is unlimited, there are limits that the server and infrastructure have. to these limits access problems may occur.
4.5 hostix. Com, all of the customer necessary to publish data securely. makes an effort. However, as a result of the problems that may arise cannot be held responsible. Backing up data is done by customer are responsible. Passwords and passwords of
customer accounts is obliged to protect the e-mail address to which it was sent. Your passwords from the damages that may occur as a result of passing into the hands of other persons. hostix. Com cannot be held responsible.

5. payment
5.1 customer, hostix. All payments related to services purchased from Com time is obliged to do it in advance. non payment in case of has the right to terminate the service.
5.2 making payments to customer bank accounts In case of an accident, he has to enter the order number in the explanation part. Otherwise hostixo, which service the payment is for. by Com cannot be detected. In this case, com cannot be held responsible.
5.3 in hosting and reseller hosting services If 2 days have passed from the end of the period, the service will be stopped. 7 After the day has passed, it is permanently deleted from the systems.

5.4 customer data after deletion Our company cannot be held responsible.

6. Additional fee
6.1 customer, Services purchased from our team to carry out the transactions under their own responsibility regarding Additional service fee may be requested upon request.

6.2 customer within the specified time If he does not renew and the account is completely deleted, he requests a backup from our company. A return fee may be requested.

7. Termination of the Agreement can make changes in the contract clauses at any time. As long as the customer continues to receive service, such It is deemed to accept that changes can be made.
customer, contracts if the domain violates the rules. com, may stop the services provided to the customer without notice. This In this case, no refund will be made.


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