Return Policy

Hostixo Internet Bil. Write. Speed. Trade and Industry Limited Company Return conditions. Every customer registered in the system is deemed to have accepted this agreement.

Return conditions for services and products offered for sale by given below.

Hosting Purchase Service customer can use any hosting service purchased on an annual basis. can be returned unconditionally. The return period is 15 from the start date of the service. day. Refund process by deducting the domain name fee defined as a gift being carried out. Sub-services within the scope of Hosting Purchase Service; Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Corporate Hosting, Windows Hosting and all sub-hosting packages.
Hosting purchased monthly There are no refunds on services.
Hosting packages that have been migrated If there is no problem caused by Hostixo, if a refund is requested, for transportation wage deductions are made.

Hosting Renewal Service

Hosting renewal is an extension of a previously purchased and ongoing service. No refunds for renewals.

Server Purchase and Renewal Service customer does not receive refunds for any server service purchased. can't. However, the occurrence of unsolvable problems caused by There is a right of return for all services without any time requirement.

Domain Purchase and Renewal Service

Domain registrations are made specifically for individuals or institutions. is a registration service Even if it is not used, it cannot be canceled. For this reason, domain purchase and Renewal services are non-refundable.

License Purchase and Renewal Service

There are no refunds for License Services. Refund on renewed licenses can't be done.

SSL Certificate Purchase Service

SSL records are made specifically for the domain. It cannot be canceled even if it is not used. For this reason, SSL Purchase services cannot be returned.

Private IP Procurement Service customer can unconditionally return the IP service purchased annually. can. The return period is 15 days from the start date of service. monthly intake There are no refunds for IP addresses.

Server Support Service

Server Support Service, for server services updates, maintenance and It is a service that covers the solutions of problems. Refund after purchase can't be done.

Return Process

The price received for the returned services is fully refunded within 7 days. For payments made by money order and EFT, the refund will be made within 7 days with the same method, and transferred to the customer's account. Credit card payments are made within 7 days, but the customer It may take more than 7 days for this payment to reflect on your credit card.

Dispute Resolution Policy

In all services, customer records are under the username defined by the email address. are held. All kinds of changes and similar requests regarding customer service By logging into the control panel from the registered email address or by sending an email can do. It may occur if your e-mail address is in the hands of another person. cannot be held responsible for any damages.

Disagreement between more than one person or institution about the ownership of the service received control panel access is temporarily disabled. like this In such cases, the customer may request a confirmation of identity information for security. the service is transferred to the relevant paying person or institution. Other persons or institutions transfer of content (such as files in the hosting service, email contents) services are transferred as empty unless approved.


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